30 May 2017 / Moscow / 19:00

Free seminar 6 secrets of personal finances in English

from businessman, investor and student of Robert Kiyosaki

Only 27 seats left
Seminar “6 secrets of personal finances”.
What awaits you?
Learn in 2 minutes from participants
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What's in the video:
  • What new about money you will learn?
  • For who is this seminar?
  • What is a financial IQ?
  • What does the audience look like?
  • What do the participants say (more than 20,000 people)?
Only 27 seats left
The art of money management – is the most important skill
of wealthy and successful person.
Attending the seminar, you will learn:
  • How to manage
    your money properly
  • How to make your
    capital as fast as possible
  • What limits
    your income and how to get rid
    of these limitation
  • What is the way to
    make your capital work
    on you
  • What is financial
    security, financial
    financial freedom, and
    how to achieve it
  • What the correct
    financial decisions lead
Fragments of the seminar in detail What, how, where and why?
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The organizers greet and seat the guests. There is enough room for everybody, you can hang up your coats, have a drink of water or a cup of tea, go to the toilet. All the participants will feel comfortable.

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The moderator of the seminar speaks into the microphone, gives a presentation and immediately gives tasks to the audience.

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2 hours of applied information about managing finances. Be ready to learn, write and work a lot.

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And a lot of energy and a charge of positive emotions as well.

We designed a program “6 Secrets of Personal Finances” that will take your financial thinking to a new level.

Only 27 seats left
You’ll take a test
to determine your
financial IQ level
The test will indicate whether you’re ready to deal with investments, your financial attitude and the way you manage money
Speaker of the seminar — Sergey Trotskiy




  • Businessman
  • Founder and co-investor of 2 businesses
  • Personal and Business Finance Consultant
  • The student of Robert Kiyosaki, Bodo Schaefer and Bryan Tracy
  • Investor


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Malyy Kislovskiy per. 5/6 str. 3 (metro station «Arbatskaya»)
30 May 2017 / Moscow / 19:00
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Only 27 seats left
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